Ten reasons to vote for the Centre Party

1. Good local communities

Norway is a diverse, widespread and beautiful country. Whether you enjoy life on the countryside or the pulsating life of the city: The Centre Party knows that good local communities are based on the engagement and involvement of local people. We aim to make it possible for you to live where you want to and that the creativity and innovation in your local community can grow alongside you.


2. No forced mergings of municipalities

We find proximity important. You should be able to partake in decisions that influence your everyday life. It is obvious to us, that it is easier to contact and keep in touch with those who make decisions when you live close to them. The many small municipalities in Norway have made it possible for people to live all over the country. They have created welfare, a prosperous economy and a livid democracy in all parts of Norway. This secures short distances to the nearest hospital, school or to the city council. It also creates a feeling of belonging and safety, a feeling we, The Centre Party, would very much like to maintain.


3.  Yes to Norwegian food

The Centre Party are proud of all the good food Norway has to offer. Just think of the good pinnekjøtt (salted and dried mutton) from lamb, who have grazed along the fjords of Western Norway, the fresh fish of Lofoten and vegetables from the proud farmers of all corners of the country. Not only is the food tasty, it also is safe to eat. In a world where the use of pesticides and antibiotics increases, safe food is no longer a certainty. Additionally, Norwegian food production is the foundation of almost 100 000 work places. With that in mind, the food tastes even better.


4. Safety for you and your loved ones

When the unthinkable happens, close proximity to necessary help, both in time and space, is what is most important. The Centre Party wants you both to feel safe and be safe, no matter where you live. While today’s government think that closing down local hospitals, replacing police offices with police in cars and centralizing the fire and rescue service is the better solution, we believe in local hospitals, police offices and fire and rescue services that are close to you in order to keep you safe.


5. Save our planet

We have to take responsibility for nature and the environment. Humanly induced climate change is the source of many disasters, both today and most likely also in the future. The Centre Party wants our world to be handed over to our children in a better condition than when we first entered it. To us, good environmental policy is make use of nature in a sustainable way, not to safeguard it. As an example, the Norwegian forest absorbs CO2 equivalent to half of the Norwegian greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, using the forest, instead of leaving it to grow all by itself, is a cheap and effective way of reaching our climate goals, while at the same time creating work places and economic development. It is important to us to invest in climate friendly technology.


6. Those who build the country

It is a wonderful country the generations before us have built. In order to keep building our country, we are dependent on people that are skilled in vocational subjects. The Centre Party wants to strengthen the vocational subjects and to ensure a school system in which there is more room for practical subjects. In order to do so, the schools with vocational subjects need better funding. Businesses also need to be rewarded for taking on apprentices – enough apprenticeships are fundamental for good vocational education.


7. Growing old should be a enjoyable

People should be able to live good, meaningful lives, also when they grow old. It is vital to people’s health that life has a purpose. When more elders stay healthy for longer and can partake in their local communities, people find more meaning in life and are also a resource for the rest of the society. Having different opinions, beliefs and interests is not just for the young - elders are also individuals. A social life and a place in the community should be easily accessible to all ages. That is why The Centre Party wants to modernize eldercare and focus more on prevention, rehabilitation and participation in the community than what is done today. We also want people to be able to live for as long as possible in their own homes.


8. Businesses in all parts of the country

The Centre Party believes it is wise to build our economy on the resources and human capital we find all over the country. To do that, we need an active industrial policy, both for the cities and for the rural areas. We are proud of the traditions of entrepreneurship in Norway and want to keep developing these traditions further.

To us, selling vital Norwegian businesses and resources to foreign investors is out of the question. Large and important business should remain in Norwegian ownership. The fish resources are still to be seen as a common good. The policy for fisheries and aquaculture should secure profitable businesses, both at sea and on land, and furthermore ensure that the work places in the industry are safe and stable and that there are vivid communities along our coast.


9. Local culture and volunteering

Cinemas, concerts, theatres, song and music, along with different volunteer organizations: Culture is an important factor for building a good community. We want to highlight the activities that make a local community aspire and grow. Everywhere, you find volunteers who give their hearts and their spare time to create a better community for others. We want to give them more recourses for their work, along with more recourses towards volunteer children and youth organizations. At the same time, we want to focus on libraries and music and cultural education, two important activities in a cultural local community.


10. Fast and safe, all the way

You are not the only one concerned with your safety and well-being when it comes to driving and traveling across Norway. The Centre Party wants to make sure that people get where they want to, fast and safe, all the way.

In the future, driving will still be one of the main ways of transportation. When it comes to roads, we need an extensive upgrade of both local and regional roads – the roads that connect our widespread and beautiful country. For some, especially in northern Norway, flights are the easiest way to travel due to long distances. For our counties on the coast, speedboat connections are important. At the same time the railroad is the most effective and environmental-friendly way to travel in some areas. The Centre Party knows that we have to have a broad perspective when it comes to getting home fast and safe, no matter where you are.

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