1. The Centre Party believes in all of Norway

The Centre Party will further develop viable businesses and industries and a good and equal public service system in the entire country. This gives everyone the privilege of choosing for themselves where they want to live.


2. Public services close to where you live

The Centre Party wants everyone, regardless of where they live, to have the right to receive quality services in their local communities. Kindergartens, schools, health care, police services and cultural activities should be well developed no matter the size of the service or community. We want vibrant local communities all over the country and policy development and execution to be locally driven.

3. Safety for you and your family

The Centre Party wants locally based police services with officers that live and work close to you and your family. We want a locally based police force that knows your community, are trusted by you and your peers, and works to prevent crime. We want more of our police officers to work close to where you live instead of in a distant bureaucracy. Therefore, we want to close the Police Directorate and use their resources to create a better equipped policy force in local communities. All parts of our country should be ensured a well-functioning emergency system. 

4. No to centralizing Norway

The Centre Party wants to build society from the community level and up. We want to decentralize power and capital in order to better distribute housing, career opportunities, and human capital.  

A vote for the Centre Party is a clear rejection of the centralization of power, capital, and opportunities that has been the policy of the Right and the Progress Party government over the last four years. 


5. Norwegian food is safe food

If you choose Norwegian food, you are getting quality food – and you are supporting Norwegian workplaces. Norwegian food is one of the safest and purest in the world, with minimal use of pesticides and antibiotics. People want safe, healthy food which has not been transported long distances.  Norwegian food production on land and in the ocean, must be increased to enable us to produce more food for an increasing population, and to maintain our beautiful cultural landscape and workplaces all over the country.  


6. Local democracy

The Centre Party wants a society where the people decide. We believe in a democracy where people are involved in making decisions that concern them. A vibrant democracy and good local communities give people a feeling of safety, a sense of belonging and identity. The Norwegian social contract, where you contribute as much as you can while you can, and get the help you need from society when you need it, is dependent on a vibrant democracy and people trusting each other.    


7. No to the sale of Norway

The Centre Party is saying a strong «no» to the sale of Norwegian natural resources to foreign corporations.  Norway was developed greatly based on our natural resources in the entire country, both on land and in the sea. Through history, these resources were developed locally and nationally, and have built the country. Locally owned business and industry lead to creation of value at local level, as well as increased local and national welfare.


8. Put nature to work – create a greener environment and a healthy climate

The Centre Party wants Norway to be at the helm of international efforts for climate and environment improvement. We want active use – not passive protection – to be Norway’s solution to protect nature. As a rich oil-producing country Norway has a special responsibility to be pro-active in international work against climate change. 


9. Yes to a stronger defense

We must be equipped to defend Norwegian territory. The Centre Party wants to strengthen all branches of our national defense, have a defense based on conscription, and ensure local preparedness all over the country. We want our Home Guard force to number at least 50 000 soldiers. We want Norway to consolidate our membership in the NATO, to be an active member of the UN, and reach the NATO goal of spending 2 % of GDP on defense by 2024.


10. No to Norwegian membership in the EU and the EEC

The Centre Party are in favour of Norwegian sovereignty over national policies. The EU system weakens the national democracy. The Centre Party wants to replace the EEC agreement with trade and cooperation agreements that better ensures our national interests. We want Norway to leave the Schengen agreement and to reintroduce national border control.. The Centre Party is against Norwegian membership in the EU.


Facts about the Centre Party:

·  1 774 city and municipal council members
·  105 mayors and 96 deputy mayors
·  Continuous increase in membership numbers over the last 4 years, reaching 19 080 this year

Did you know that the Centre Party has been in government for a total of 21 years since the Second World War – second longest of all the political parties?

Do you want to join the team and support the Centre Party’s values and policies?
·  Send an SMS to 2360 with the code “SP”, and you will receive a link for registration.
·  You can also send an email to medlem@sp.no