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The 10 most important reasons to vote for the Centre Party

Sist endret: 16.05.2019

Close to people where they live

Good services close to where people live give them a secure and predictable daily life. Everybody has the right to have good services in their proximity. Nursery school, school, care, health, police and cultural activities must be well developed all over the country.


The entire country

The Centre Party shall further develop viable industries and a good, equitable and public service delivery, regardless of where in the country you live. We are of the opinion that every person should have real freedom to settle where they wish.


Safety and security

The present largescale centralisation of power, services and places of work creates insecure local communities. Distances increase, public services are centralised and the level of preparedness decreases. The Centre Party will improve preparedness, secure local public services and strengthen the defence sector.



Actions to improve the climate must not create larger differences between people. It is unjust that those who have little shall be punished the most, in the name of climate. “Sustainable use rather than protection” is an important mantra if we are going to be able to replace fossil energy sources. A change in a sustainable direction will create important possibilities for developing a new Norwegian industry, technological development and competence.   


Food produced in Norway

If you choose food produced in Norway you are getting quality, safe and climate friendly food. Food produced in Norway is the safest and cleanest food in the world, with minimal use of chemicals and antibiotics, as well as being produced close to the consumers. Norwegian production of food both from land and from the sea must be strengthened in order for us to be able to produce more safe food close to where people live.


Local democracy

The Centre Party wants a society where people decide. We believe in a democracy where people are involved in decisions concerning them. A vibrant democracy and well functioning local communities give people safety, adherence and identity. This is the reason why we are fighting against forced merging of municipalities and counties



Norway needs a strong defence.  The total preparedness must be strengthened in many parts of the country. We need a defence with both local knowledge and real capacity to defend the country. This is why the Centre Party wants to increase the number of home guards and allocate more money for defence.


Norwegian wealth creation

Norway has built its wealth creation and development through an all-time wise management of rich natural resources.  In a constantly more mobile world which is in need of more energy, raw materials, food and technology, Norway is well positioned to further develop industries and wealth creation all over the country.  


Norwegian sovereignty

Norwegian economic life faces constantly increasing pressure through the EEA agreement. The EEA agreement reduces Norwegian sovereignty and threatens Norwegian workers’ rights. Norway has to get out of the EEA agreement and the Schengen cooperation, as well as reintroduce national border control in order to safeguard our interests.



Many people experience that exaggerated detailed management/control removes the possibility of exerting professional judgement in their daily work tasks. We have confidence in the individual and are convinced that people who are given responsibility and freedom of action will work to ensure the wellbeing of the community. Those who wear the shoe know best where it hurts. The Centre Party will therefore implement an uplift of trust in the public sector.


• In this year’s local elections you can vote for the Centre Party in 353 municipalities of the totality of Norway’s 356 municipalities.

• There are presently 105 mayors and 96 assistant mayors from the Centre Party 

• Every year the last 5 years we have experienced an increase in the numbers of party members which now total 19 698 members.


Did you know that the Centre Party had the highest number of top echelon candidates in 2017?


Would you like to join us and support the Centre Party’s values and policies?

• Using Vipps you choose the basket symbol and search for «Senterpartiet», or write in «121711» and then follow the instructions.

• Send SMS to  2360 with code word  "SP"  and you will receive a link onto which you can register.

• If you are below the age of 30 and wish to become member of the Centre Party Youth (Senterungdommen), send SUL to 2360 or Vipps to #116656.

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